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Short Biography

I am a Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast. I obtained my Docent (Habilitation) title at the Faculty of Medicine in Umeå University, Sweden. Previous to that, I gained international experience during two postodctoral stays. The first was at the Institut Pasteur in Paris thanks to an EMBO fellowship, and the second postdoctoral stay was at the Institute for Molecular Pathology in Vienna. My doctoral work was performed at the International Max Planck Research School & University of Technology Dresden in Germany. I obtained my university education (Licenciatura) at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City.

New in

We have moved! The Cisneros lab is now located at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK. We are are up and running here. 


Publications : 28

Citations: 2005 / 3028




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