The team

 Molecular biology of human bacterial symbionts

Nikolaos Gkikopouli

UmU student working on functional aspects of polymorphic toxins.

Nina Enter

Exchange student from FH Campus Wien, Austria

studying competition among Bacteroides species.

Dr. Julio Guerrero

Kempe fellow studying functional/structural biology aspects of polymorphic toxins.

Dr. David A. Cisneros

Project leader on CRISPR effectors and basic molecular biology and genetics of Bacteroides.

 Spring Studentships

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Bsc. Sergio Gonzáles San-Miguel

Master student at Potsdam University

Bsc. Axelle Vouillon

Master student at the Université François Rabelais


Bsc. Antoine Graffeuil

Technicien de recherche

Centre de Recherches en Cancerologie de Toulouse


MSc. Aster Assefa

BSc Niina Aho

Master student - University of Helsinki


MSc Anna Kowalska

Scientist - Biochemistry lab at Selvita Ltd

Sebastian Lundström & Mohammad Rasul

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